Cathie Curran London

Cathie Curran London

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Featuring: Architect Cathie Curran (Irish) and her husband Vinny Craignou (French) and their twin daughters.The house: An older house with four floors in North Kensington, London, England, reconstructed to a modern family home by the owners.The style: Modern, simple and minimalist – and yet personal.

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Alcove Alcoves Art Attic Window Bath Tub Bathroom Bathrooms Bathtub Bed Bedroom Bedrooms Being Kept Being Laid Down Being Lit Being Stored Bloom Blossom Board Book Books Built in Ceramic tile Child (human) Child's Bedroom Children Children's room Childrens Bedroom Childrens Room city Coffee Table Coffee-Table Contemporary Cooker Couch Cushion Cushions Designer armchair Designer chair Dining Chair Dining Chairs Dining Room Chair Dining room chairs Dining room table Dining table Edition Family family kitchen Fanlight fire pit Fire place fireplace Fireside Flower Foliage Plant Glass Glassy Green Green plant Greenish Hall Hallway Hallways Hearth Ignited illuminants Illumination Infants Keep Keeping Kids Kids room Kiln Lamp Laying Down Light Lighting lights Lit Living Room Minors Modern Moderne Nurseries Nursery outdoor seating area Oven owner patio Personal Pillow Pillows proprietress Provisions Rock Rocks Roof hatch Roof Window Roof Windows Roof-top window Rooflight Rooflights Settee Shelf Shelf board Skylight Skylight strip Skylight window Skylights Sofa Staircase Staircases Stairs Stairway Stone Stool Stools Storage Store Storing Stove Supply terrace Terrace place Tiles Toddlers Townhouse Transparent Urban House Wall Decoration Wall Decorations Wall Shelf Warehousing White Whiteness Yellow Yellowness Yellowy Youngsters

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