The Black House - Micasa

The Black House - Micasa

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Featuring: Houssein Jarouche and his design studio 20.87 created this fascinating house, showroom and exhibition space.An abandoned house was gutted and demolished to reveal the raw structure while entire surfaces, from the roof to the exterior walls were painted black.We explore: The Black House/Micasa- Resembling a burnt out ruin, the space houses local and international designs alongside deconstructed furnishings and lamps by Studio 20.87. The swimming pool and walls feature the work of top graffiti artists’. The lighting installation, Pipe Light project that covers the house is by French/Brazilian architects Triptyque. Metal tubing and lamps wrap around the inside and outside of the building, the design morphologically similar and representative of the roots of an overgrown creeping plant that invades the home. This exceptional project/space blurs the lines between art and design.

Feature No.: 12795959
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