Grand Beauty in Black & White

Grand Beauty in Black & White

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Featuring: Klaus, 46 and Lone Friis, 43 and their two boys 8 and 11 years. Klaus and Lone are designers in the interior/fashion industry – holders of “Lola Project”.The house: Mansion named "Bell Colle," from 1900. Located in an attractive residential area in the old Rungsted, Denmark. 768 sqm, spread over four floors, has been totally refurnished to very high standards.The style: The style is mostly kept in black and white and is as exclusive and grand as the mansion itself. The renovation is done with a cornucopia of detail and decor ideas. And with respect for the architecture and a hint from the Buddhist philosophy that takes their interest.

Feature No.: 12822560
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Antler Arm Chair armchair Armchair Armchairs Armoire Bath Tub Bathroom Bathrooms Bathtub Bedroom Bedrooms black Black black and white Black and white Black And White Black-And-White blackboard paint Blackish Blackness Board Books Cabinet Ceiling candlestick Chandelier Chandeliers Changing Room Children Childrens Bedroom Children's room Childrens Room Child's Bedroom colour silver Contemporary Cupboard Death's Head Design designer Designer Designer armchair Designer chair Dining Area Dining room Dining Room Dining Rooms Door Dressing Room Dressing Rooms Dressingroom Edition ethnic Ethnic Exclusive Family Family Home family kitchen fire pit Fire place fireplace Fireplace Fireside Floor Fur Gazebo Ground Hearth Home office Ideas Infants Kids Kids room Kitchen Kitchen Sink Laying Down Leather Living Room mansion Mansion Minors Modern Moderne Nurseries Nursery outdoor seating area owner Owner patio Patio Pavilion Pavillion Pavillon Pelt Pouf Provisions shelf Shelf Shelf board Shower silver Silver Silver colored Silver-coloured Silverware Silvery sink Sink Sink Unit skull Skull Skull And Crossbones Skulls Staircase Staircases Stairs Stairway Still Life Stillife Still-Life Stills Storage storey Storey summer Summer Summertime Supply Table terrace Terrace Terrace place Toddlers Wall Shelf Warehousing Wash Basin Washbasin Wash-Basin White Whiteness working from home Youngsters

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