Each room in my home has its own theme

Each room in my home has its own theme

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Featuring: Josta van der Kolk (40, owner and yoga teacher & interim and change manager). Lives together with her husband Brian.The house: A beautiful mansion from 1870 in the old center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Each room has its own theme and name: From the ‘Gold room’ to the ‘Scottish chamber’ on the first floor.  And on the second floor the relaxing, yellow tinted, ‘Sun room’ and the ‘Red bedroom’ is located. And in the basement there is a nice colored yoga room. All the ideas for the rooms, they have gained during their travels. Their passion!The Style: Classic, with exciting themes. Everywhere colorful painted walls and decorated patterns, which is reflected in its wallpaper and textiles.

Feature No.: 12828106
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Alcove Alcoves All year round Ancient antique Antique Antiques Antiquity Antler Arm Chair armchair Armchair Armchairs Art Bath Tub Bathroom Bathrooms Bathrooom Bathtub Bed Bedroom Bedrooms Being Lit black Black black- Blackish Blackness Blue Blueness Bluish Board Books bureau Camouflage colours Ceiling Ceiling candlestick Chandelier Chandeliers city City coffee table Coffee table Coffee Table Coffee-Table Colourful Contemporary Couch Curtains Cushion Cushions desk Desk Dining Area Dining Chair Dining Chairs Dining room Dining Room Dining room chairs Dining room table Dining Rooms Dining table Dining Table Edition fire pit Fire place fireplace Fireplace Fireside Flower elements gold Gold Gold color Gold colour Grape Harvest Grape Picking Green Greenish Hearth Home office Humor Humour Ideas illuminants Illumination Kitchen Lamp Light lighting Lighting lights Living Room mansion Mansion Mauve Mauvish Modern Moderne Multi Colored Multi Coloured Multi-Colored Multicoloured Multi-Coloured Nature Office desk Office table owner Owner Pale Purple Patterns Personal Pillow Pillows pink Pink Pink colour Pink-Colored pink-coloured Pink-Coloured Pinkish Pinkness Pinky Plafond Pouf purple Purple Purpleness Purplish Red Reddish Redness Retro Rug Rugs Settee shelf Shelf Shelf board Sofa Staircase Staircases Stairs Stairway Still Life Stillife Still-Life Stills Stool Stools Storage Tiles Vintage Violet Violet Colored Violet Coloured Wall decoration Wall Decoration Wall Decorations Wall Paper Wall Shelf Wallpaper White Whiteness Work Table working from home Worktable writing desk Writing Desk Year Yellow Yellowness Yellowy

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