Architectural Artwork

Architectural Artwork

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Featuring: A breathtaking architectural villa, designed by Lars Gitz Architects. The owner of the home is self-employed and a director (45) and lives in the villa with his daughter (15), his girlfriend and her daughter (13)The home: The villa was built in 2016 and is located in Aalborg, Denmark. The home consists of 456 square meters.The style: The design of this extraordinary villa expresses a burning desire to create a space with a strong personal touch where the interests of art, wine and classic cars are integrated with the love of artwork and design. The villa has a very simple architectural expression, where the rooms in the building flow perfectly into the surrounding garden. Here, the interior melts aesthetically together with the art pieces and sculptors, placed in and around this exclusive and decadent home.

Feature No.: 12874097
Number of images: 62
Country: Denmark
Photographer: © House of Pictures / Ray Manley, Jesper
Text Writer: Jesper Ray
Stylist: Jesper Ray & Adrianna Manley
Producer: Jesper Ray
Topic: Interior
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