Functionalism Reinterpreted

Functionalism Reinterpreted

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Featuring: Stine Husted, bank manager, Simon Husted, Lawyer and daughters Dicte 7 years and Lily 4 years oldThe home: In 1937 the painter Vedel Egebæk had the drawings made and then built -this large functionalist redbrick house North of Copenhagen, Denmark, with conservatory as well as a high ceiling studio. Today - artists brushes, canvasses and easels are all history, but the intriguing villa, with its angular lines, lives on as a exciting and pleasant home for a young family of four.The style: Stine and Simon Husted have with great success and a distinct flair for reinterpretation, streamlined decor, stylish modern furniture classics and a few carefully chosen colors, managed to create a charismatic, comfortable and highly functional home.

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