House of Pictures represents a remarkable team of highly-talented professional photographers, writers and stylists. Our handpicked contributors play to their special strength in a constant effort to bring you high-quality images and inspiring content.
We all work closely together to carefully curate our selection of images and features
– all ready for publication.

We work with a number of great Scandinavian teams specialized in Scandinavian interior and lifestyle photography. They know how to bring the special Scandinavian feel and aesthetic to life, which is admired worldwide.

We also work with talented international teams who create unusual, exclusive and exotic stories from all over the world.

Partners we represent in specific countries

Basset Images

We represent and distribute worldwide productions from Basset Images to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Chilli Media

We represent and distribute worldwide productions from Chilli Media to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands.

House & Leisure

We represent and syndicate exclusive productions from House & Leisure to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Partner agencies representing House of Pictures in specific countries

In France, Belgium and Spain:

Basset Images

In Italy and Australia:

Living Inside

Selected single images (worldwide) are available through our sister agency: