Romantic Granny Chic

Romantic Granny Chic

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Featuring: Claire Schuyff (34), stylist and singer and her son Matthew Jesse Lee.The house: A villa apartment in a great old house from 1892 with lots of nostalgia. Situated in the historic center of Dordrecht, the oldest city of the Netherlands. The building was formerly used as a neighborhood office.The style: A mix of romantic, bohemian and cute ‘Granny Chic'. The furnishing and accessories are mostly vintage with a shabby touch, and the colors scheme includes mint green, powder pink and turquoise, a nice contrast to the dark wooden floor.

Feature No.: 12835466
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Country: Netherlands
Photographer: © House of Pictures / Janmaat, Jeltje
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Topic: Interior
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Alcove Alcoves Animal Arm Chair Armchair Armchairs Armoire autumn Bed Bedroom Bedrooms Being Kept Being Laid Down Being Lit Being Stored Board Bohemia Bohemian Boy Cabinet Child (human) Child's Bedroom Children Children's room Childrens Bedroom Childrens Room city Closet clothes cabinet Coffee Table Coffee-Table Couch Credenza Cupboard Curtain Curtains Cushion Cushions Dining Chair Dining Chairs Dining Room Chair Dining room chairs Dining room table Dining table Douce Dresser Edition Family Family Home Female Feminine Flower elements Garden Garden area Gardens Green Greenish Ideas Ignited illuminants Illumination Infants Keep Keeping Kids Kids room Kitchen lace Lace edging Lamp Laying Down Light Lighting lights Lit Living Room Minors Nurseries Nursery owner Pastel-Colored Pastel-Coloured Personal Pet Pillow Pillows Pink Pink colour Pink-Colored Pink-Coloured Pinkish Pinkness Pinky proprietress Provisions romance romantic Rug Rugs Settee Shabby Chic shabby style Shabby-Chic Shelf Shelf board Sideboard Sofa Still Life Still-Life Stillife Stills Storage Store Storing Supply Tie up Toddlers Turquoise Typography Wall Shelf Wardrobe Warehousing Young Youngsters

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